Acces DeadCore Alpha now on Desura



DeadCore Alpha is available on Desura right now!
Pay 33% off now and get access to every update until the full game is released.


A free Demo is also available on our Desura page.


Follow the link below:

DeadCore has been financed by crowdfunding: many thanks to our backers!
Please visit our page on Ulule to learn more.

In order to properly run the game, be sure that your hardware matches at least this minimum configuration:
- Intel Core-2-Duo 2 GHz or similar
- 1 Go Ram
- DX9 3D video card such as Nvidia 8600 GT or ATI Radeon X1950 pro


- Intel Core-2-Quad 2.4GHz or similar

- 2 Go Ram

- DX9 3D video card such as Nvidia GTX280 or Radeon HD5850 or newer.